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know the time things properly in by Paul don’t spectacles needed know what you’re wrongdoing but for the most part it’s not gonna build cap on these strategies well house you more was well we match flipping properties needed cash lower I’ll see a lot of people though buddies house-flip get stuck with them read them out there they’re losing money every month well doesn’t make sense secondly the YouTube rates return did you know going back to what we said about Robert his namesake purse liability he talks about acid being something.

4that makes money like believing property valuation methods something takes money in your pocket well workers make okay real said mister should be making money announce what she calls festers on risers that is this it’s really what it boils down to I’ve seen so many people call themselves investors and five years later bro because they have no other definitely be from educated Armour money researcher okay hard moneys or so on funding for the stars.

deals the you know you can go in at all check your credit score overlook it your work history in on unsays things puddle on property based on value property knots that’s why these the size stars viable some people that they’re working in the real estate industry because they don’t have toot do anything really money but it’s a higher interest rate typically charge a lot of these one you ball for and turns out to be a nightmare people’s.

those be very wary I’ll staying away from most types of things can’t if you know your new number eight I advice below the long-Rockne make money out of real state looking here to make your money by bypass properties great example I talked to a gentleman whose per-printed mortgage brokers toothache’s known is developed quite a few larger hired profile real state moments in around stay most in Utah County he told me the other day sounds like I mean more money just doing my mortgage.

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