What legal process is done in the conveyancing for making it successful?

It is nice being well after suffering from depression for so long. Me and ECT is a great mix. I’m lucky in that I respond well to ECT. During my last visit to clinic during a massive depressive cycle I met a guy called Online Conveyancing Joe. Joe left a little after meeting me, but was readmitted a few months later and he re-met as he didn’t realise I was the same person he had met 2 months earlier. That’s how bad a depressive cycle can be, that people don’t realise depressed you and stable you are the same person.

And this drastic change was all thanks to a strong positive reaction to ECT. Not all patients react so positively, some needing the treatment for years. And I don’t think I’ve suffered from any of the side effects like headaches and memory loss. I have a good friend from the clinic who had ECT and unluckily it didn’t really help with her depression and she suffered major memory loss as a result of the treatment.

So ECT works for some and doesn’t work for others,but if it comes down to last resort treatment as a patient is not responding well to drugs either, it’s worth the risk considering depression has the ability to kill. I’m the poster child of ECT as I reacted so well with minimal side effects and my friend is a perfect argument against ECT as she suffered major side effects with little therapeutic response. So ECT should be a last resort to medication or in cases of severe depression only as there is a risk involved.

I haven’t talked about my Bipolar much on here I just noticed, which may have led people to believe it’s not a big deal.Don’t get me wrong, the meds help and they take the edge off the ups and downs, but there are still ups and downs.

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