How To Make Your Product Stand Out With property valuers

Somme that’s going to depend largely that was my case because I was fortunate blessed enough to have a wife to say our country report no but some that can depend on how much business how much opportunity you have for them and how quickly you wanna grow because it’s really it was amazing to me how quickly I took things off my plate write a lot you’re really focus when.


I was good at which was which was selling real estate search she took all the paper all the documentation general a lot of process related things that stood salespeople are gonna are great at you now and which you managing the transaction well as well are just doing the administrators literally Ii met with the clock the buyers and sellers signed a contract and I went out net more buyers and sellers call she was met.

with COS the back right so then your second higher that when you’re on the first buyer agent would that be it was however look back on it idea hired another admin first really NM how more and and and working more on the sales side i think i could have hired another admin purse butt we did hire a they are not fire was another buyer agent okay %ah and then another buyer agent and then another anted was sand then.

Angela moved out and added a role in tonight’s mother stop I’m and then bit by bit we doubted buyer agents wherewith when Leeds grower week list more and and what we have a need I’m and then we run across people that we think that our culture and our team my up so we’re constantly out there looking for people that would fit withes that would work with our motto on you know will

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