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Covering the periods October-March and April-September in the format shown at Annex A. Nil returns are not required. Books or periodicals donated to OGD libraries, BLDSC, Book Aid International, or other non-Governmental organisations should be counted and each item valued. A six-monthly return of destination, quantity, value and date of handover should be sent to Chief Librarian MOD, 3/5 Great Scotland Yard, London SW1A 2HW in mid October and mid April.


Faced with competition from information sources such as the Internet, it is vital to market the library and information service to your customers as a value added service and a reliable information solution. This chapter cannot cover this subject properly but it aims at providing a brief account of what a marketing strategy might address. We provide a bibliography of further reading. By building on your strengths and improving your weaknesses, you are using the marketing process. You can use any combination of user surveys, focus groups, one-to-one interviews, transaction log analysis, circulation records, and library statistics.

Once you have done this, you will probably find that their needs can be broadly categorised. It helps to break your customers down into specific user groups (a process known as market segmentation) and focus on their distinct information needs. You can create or adapt existing services to meet their needs and then try to motivate each group to use your service in a relevant fashion. Products provide a means to satisfy needs having done the work on knowing your customers, you now have some idea about what these needs are. Books, journals and CD-ROMs are products but so are enquiry services, customer awareness services and user training programmes.

Customers’ needs change over a period of time and products should to be developed to satisfy these changing needs. Few of us charge for our services but it is worth bearing mind the cost to our customers in terms of their convenience and time, and the value they place on your service. If they do not feel they are getting value, they will search out an alternative source. Read More: Worldsquare PUB – Enactconveyancingbrisbane.com.au 

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Who are the creator of rules and regulation in the conveyance process?

Subject to approval and funding of this preferred option, it is hoped to commence the related statutory processes during the next financial year. Other schemes which will be taken forward include provision of roundabouts at the A3 Dollingstown crossroads and on the A50 Gilford Road at Drumlin Hill, Portadown. New footways are also programmed for this year from Coleman Park to the bus stop on the Derrymacash Road, and around the junction of Moygannon lane on to the Moygannon Road,” said Mr Monaghan. At the meeting Mr Monaghan discussed the priorities for road improvements in 2007/08.

He said: “Subject to availability of land and funding, road improvement schemes will be carried out at Bachelors Walk, Portadown, on the Drumlin Road, Donaghcloney, and on the Cornakinnegar Road, Lurgan. Which of us has not had to endure slow and disrupted journeys because of congestion caused by those who thoughtlessly park where they shouldn’t? Pedestrians and motorists alike have also had to face unnecessary dangers trying to negotiate the obstacles that illegal parkers put in their way.

At today’s event the Minister also unveiled the new uniform that will be worn by traffic attendants and paid tribute to the work that many of them had carried out as traffic wardens. The Department has not set NCP any targets for numbers of tickets to be issued. Nor are there ticket targets for traffic attendants to achieve. If fewer tickets are issued this means that our aim of reducing the amount of illegal parking is being achieved. I am grateful to all those people whose land was required to facilitate the scheme and the co-operation of those who are directly affected during the construction period. View Detail: Conveyancer Adelaide – Hypnosis Fun

The 2. 3 kilometres Omagh Throughpass Stage Three scheme involved the construction of a new road from the existing Throughpass, at the Great Northern Road, to the Dublin Road at Doogary, south of Lissan Bridge, along with upgrading of the Crevenagh Road. Roads Service have invested 7 million in capital and maintenance schemes in the North Down Borough Council area this year.

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Who will always make the successful conveyancing process with the full knowledge?

We need to get to a point where we’re working in a real partnership, where the customers are identifying priorities and making choices about the logistic support they need. We produce a lot of performance reports which are very useful, but this Critical Success Factor is about getting a grip on the costs involved in providing our outputs. At the moment it’s like sending them shopping without them being able to see the prices of things.


It’s complicated, because for the foreseeable future our money will still be allocated to us on the basis of inputs and somehow we’ll have to match it to outputs. Within the DLO there are many people with valuable skills in all sorts of areas. When the current change programme was established, however, we realised that we didn’t know exactly what skills we currently have, what skills we need to support the kind of organisation we want to be in the future, and how we bridge any gap between the two.

As a first step there’s a ‘skills audit’ going on now, and I suspect it’ll show we don’t have all the skills we need, particularly in areas like finance, project management and the commercial area. Becoming better at buying can produce enormous benefits and the DLO needs to become a more professional and joined-up buyer. There will be some changes we need to work our relationship with industry better and find new ways of working to get better value for money for Defence.

The DLO spends vast amounts of money, particularly within the Air environment, and if we can make breakthroughs in this area it’ll make a big difference overall. There’s a lot of good, innovative thinking going on in the DLO, but I don’t think anyone believes we get the fullest benefits out of our dealings with industry. We must set it in context though this is only one of six Critical Success Factors and it relates to what contribution restructuring will make to achieving the organisation’s aims and objectives. Read More: Enact Settlement Agents Perth

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Who will handle the legal process of conveyancing with the best efforts?

One morning, we played a round of golf at Royal Dornoch, a seaside course held to be one of the top 10 in the world. According to Golf magazine, no fewer than three of its 18 holes are in the world’s top 500. On a technical level, Royal Dornoch is an excellent links course, with springy grass and beautiful views. In England, this would make playing it a rare privilege. In Scotland, however, golf is a sport for the masses, and outsiders are welcome to play for the price of a surprisingly reasonable green fee.

After dinner came log fires, more drams of the 18-year-old, and a very deep sofa; it was not unlike staying at a country house in which the proprietor still employs reliable servants. First-night memories get a little hazy at this point. But I do recall eating all our meals with other guests in a “dinner party” style, from a menu sourced largely from the hotel’s walled kitchen garden and local fish markets. Since we are both “hackers” who play only occasionally, our caddy, Greg, was charged with making sure we didn’t embarrass ourselves.

He tried tinkering with our grips and deconstructing our swings. It was a qualified success: moments of golfing excellence, marred by regular visits to streams, long grass and prickly gorse bushes. That afternoon, it was off to the Conon, one of the area’s top salmon rivers, for a few hours’ fly-fishing. Iain, our ghillie (Scottish for guide), taught us the art of the Spey-cast, and provided a fine line in local chat. View Detail: Conveyancing Perth | 2WV LAND

On his first effort, dad landed a fat trout; again, this was enough to secure father-son bragging-rights. By the end, we were Spey-casting like old pros, while bobbing down the river in a small rowing boat being steered by Iain. Though the salmon failed to oblige, it was an idyllic scene, reminiscent – or so we decided – of Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K Jerome. Salmon fishing is not the only area in which Ross-shire excels in sporting activity.

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What legal process is done in the conveyancing for making it successful?

It is nice being well after suffering from depression for so long. Me and ECT is a great mix. I’m lucky in that I respond well to ECT. During my last visit to clinic during a massive depressive cycle I met a guy called Online Conveyancing Joe. Joe left a little after meeting me, but was readmitted a few months later and he re-met as he didn’t realise I was the same person he had met 2 months earlier. That’s how bad a depressive cycle can be, that people don’t realise depressed you and stable you are the same person.

And this drastic change was all thanks to a strong positive reaction to ECT. Not all patients react so positively, some needing the treatment for years. And I don’t think I’ve suffered from any of the side effects like headaches and memory loss. I have a good friend from the clinic who had ECT and unluckily it didn’t really help with her depression and she suffered major memory loss as a result of the treatment.

So ECT works for some and doesn’t work for others,but if it comes down to last resort treatment as a patient is not responding well to drugs either, it’s worth the risk considering depression has the ability to kill. I’m the poster child of ECT as I reacted so well with minimal side effects and my friend is a perfect argument against ECT as she suffered major side effects with little therapeutic response. So ECT should be a last resort to medication or in cases of severe depression only as there is a risk involved.

I haven’t talked about my Bipolar much on here I just noticed, which may have led people to believe it’s not a big deal.Don’t get me wrong, the meds help and they take the edge off the ups and downs, but there are still ups and downs.

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How To Realize the Proper Conveyancers

The facts are that the huge amount of speculative commercial development has not taken place as happened in the late 1980’s (the same cannot be said for high value residential town centre schemes) and certainly the demand for freehold commercial property is still very good.

Truth be told regardless it makes waiting House Conveyancing inquiries in the personalities of numerous and particularly new land business contestants. Occupation of investment properties is not guaranteed and the opportunities to re-let secondary properties in a more bearish market might prove limited. The facts are that some of those companies that have been riding the crest of an economic boom have already had their wings clipped as evidenced by the high profile failures within the technology sectors.

Serviced office provider Gainsborough Group has been named as the nineteenth fastest growing British company in the ‘Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100’ survey. The Fast Track 100 is described as the definitive league table of Britain’s fastest growing unquoted companies and the final 100 companies were selected from a database of one million businesses. Tenants up and down the country are expected to benefit from more flexible rent reviews after the Government recently accepted the recommendation of the Interim Working Party of Property Industry Organisations which stated that rent reviews should generally be to open market rent.

Jenny Rodericks, Associate Partner in Drivers Jonas’s Landlord and Tenant team states: ‘Any suggested changes to the Government’s code need to be implemented before we see any major changes in the market place, But all parties need to be aware of the choices that may now be open to them and the costs associated with them. Whatever happens, we are lilfely to see more rent reviews in coming years rather than less. Drivers Jonas’s latest West End Crane Survey for Mayfair and St James’s confirms that, despite the economic downturn and market uncertainty following 11 September, the level of development activity in the area has remained constant over the past six months.

It also predicts that the industry should see an increase in the number of deals being undertaken early in 2002. The survey confirms that while there has been a relatively low level of construction activity within the core area, there has been improvement in the amount of completed developments in the past six months. A total of 32,000 sq m (344,400 sq ft) has been built, up from 25,000 sq m (269,000 sq ft) in March. Consequently Drivers Jonas anticipate that there will be little or no over-supply of Grade A stock in Mayfair or St James’s in the foreseeable future.

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The Basic Steps of Purchasing a Home

With regards to rents, the survey states that letting activity of all grades of offices has been markedly reduced. While top rents have been hovering around the £80 per sq ft mark (compared to the high of around £87.50 per sq ft), deals on the majority of Grade A offices in the better locations are now being concluded at around the £60-£70 per sq ft.

Shorter leases and breaks are also starting to be requested by those seriously looking to relocate. Paul Glinsman, West End Agency Partner at Drivers Jonas concludes: ‘Since September 11 the slowdown in the market has been even more pronounced but, despite this, the fundamentals remain strong. But we are encouraged by, the number of organisations that we talk to every day which say that they are starting to feel a bit more confident about the future. Many plan to review the situation early next year and we should start to see an increase in the number of deals being undertaken – it won’t be boom time, but hopefully enough to stop people talking the market into recession’.

Commonly referrerd to as Section 106 agreements, planning gain has, till now, been restricted to associated improvements or cash payments associated with an application in hand that would facilitate the development being proposed. It is now proposing to relax these restrictions, to allow applicants and developers to provide general contribtions which will have a general community benefit, irrespective of what is being proposed within an application. Drivers Jonas, chartered surveyors, has one of the largest planning and development team’s in the UK with major clients within both the public and private sectors, as well as many Government departments.

Chartwell Land has recently acquired the freehold interest in the B&Q and Halfords at Cannon Lane, Tonbridge from Hermes Property Asset Management for a price of £9million. This reflects a net initial yield of 6.05% and an equivalent yield of 7.38%. The property comprises two retail warehouse units of 3,580 sq. m (38,537 sq. ft) and 1,692 sq. m (18,209 sq. ft) let to B&Q and Halfords respectively with unexpired terms in excess of 20 years, providing a very strong base for future rental growth. Colliers Conrad Ritbiat Erdman acted for Chartwell Land whilst Healey & Baker advised Hermes.

In August, Chartwell Land acquired the freehold interest in the London Road Retail Park in Crawley, from MEPC, for £21 million and in Sidcup, purchased the freehold interest in a B&Q Supercentre store from Equitable Life, for a sum of £9.5 million. This extended contention can add to the lower expenses of online conveyancers, also suggests that there is more choice open to you. Chartwell Land proposes to develop a 10,684 sq m (115,000 sq. ft) flagship B&Q Warehouse on the site.

This year has seen a total of £75 million committed by Chartwell Land’s investment team including purchases in Sidcup, Grimsby and London Road Retail Park in Crawley. In addition, Chartwell have secured a number of new development projects at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol, Thurrock and Culverhouse Cross in Cardiff. At a purchase price equating to over £2m per acre.

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DIY Conveyancing Kits – Not Enough Protection

hartwell Land has also signed a deal with Tranville Developments to forward fund the development of a B&Q Warehouse and Halfords unit at Sheepfold Street, Grimsby. The £18m scheme provides for the redevelopment of the existing B&Q Supercentre and Halfords units, and will provide a 9,569 sq m (103,000 sq. ft) B&Q Warehouse, together with a fully fitted Halfords unit of 697 sq m (7,500 sq ft).

Earlier in the year Chartwell Land and Grantchester swapped properties in Cardiff and Norwich which resulted in Chartwell Land purchasing a nine-acre site at Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff from Grantchester. The site is being redeveloped to provide a new 9,197 sq m (99,000 sq ft) warehouse that has been pre-let to B&Q. The purchaser is a private overseas client of Andrew Barrs & Co, and Andrew Mayer Associates; the deal reflects a net initial yield of approximately 9%.

The Ericsson Building was developed in various phases between 1986 and 1992 and comprises a combination of offices and research & development accommodation, extending to approximately 14,319 sq metres (154,134 sq ft). Upon disposing of the freehold interest, Ericsson Limited simultaneously entered into a new full repairing and insuring 12-year lease at a commencing rent of £1,850,000 per annum, equating to approximately £129.17 per sq m (£12 per sq ft) overall.

The purchaser is a private overseas client of Andrew Barrs & Co, and Andrew Mayer Associates; the deal reflects a net initial yield of approximately 9%. The Ericsson Building was developed in various phases between 1986 and 1992 and comprises a combination of offices and research & development accommodation, extending to approximately 14,319 sq metres (154,134 sq ft). Upon disposing of the freehold interest, Ericsson Limited simultaneously entered into a new full repairing and insuring 12-year lease at a commencing rent of £1,850,000 per annum, equating to approximately £129.17 per sq m (£12 per sq ft) overall.

In this way, before you begin considering doing the conveyancing yourself, we should take a gander at a few reasons why you ought to utilize a skillful conveyancing firm to do the employment for you.  Nelson Bakewell and Morgan Pepper represented Frogmore, who are now marketing four other small units (ranging from 1,500 square feet to 3,000 square feet) on the ground and first floors.

Redhouse Projects Ltd, a Teesland Group plc (Teesland) and Clugston Estates Ltd (Clugston) joint venture has let a 234 sq m (2,518 sq ft) modular unit on a thirty-year FRI lease, at a rent of £50,000 pa to McDonalds Restaurants Ltd. This modular unit at Redhouse Interchange is amongst the first of a new type. The infrastructure works for the business park have started and the completion date for McDonalds is scheduled for March 2002.


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The letting to McDonalds is the first in the business park and is expected to provide around sixty jobs in the locality. It follows two recent deals on the distribution park to DFS Furniture and Nu-Tool. Additionally, Redhouse Interchange has received outlined consent for restaurant, pub and hotel uses.


This letting is key to Redhouse Interchange, as it opens up the site to a host of opportunities by providing the first stage of infrastructure to the office park. The site as a whole benefits from direct access to the A1(M) as well as a large local labour pool. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung and Knight Frank acted for Redhouse Projects Ltd and are also retained for the office lettings. McDonalds represented themselves. Continuously procure somebody with an effective foundation of exchanges that’s what settlement agents in Perth offers.

The Manchester office of Edward Symmons & Partners and joint agents, Morgan Williams, have sold Persimmon House, Stockport to Wm Morrison Supermarkets. The modern three storey office block, situated at the entrance to the Cheadle Heath Retail Park and fronting on to Stockport Road, extends to 743.2 sq m (8,000 sq ft) on a site of 0.38 acres with extensive parking to the rear. The offices are in an excellent location, with the M60 and M65 close by, the recently extended Manchester Airport lies within five miles and Stockport and Manchester City Centres are within two and six miles respectively.

The visible assurance provided by the NALS logo gives prospective landlords and tenants the confidence of knowing the service they can expect from dealing with us, said Hodgson Elkington partner, Sam Elkington. Chapel House extends to some 19,936 sq ft , and is let to Rank Hovis Ltd, with a guarantee from Rank Hovis McDougall Plc until November 2015.  Slough Estates, represented by its joint letting agents Healey & Baker and Brasier Harris, is due to announce the letting of the former Next unit in the near future.

Let to seven tenants on nine leases, the total gross mpassing rent of £433,960 per annum equates to £247.57 per sq m for the offices (£23 per sq ft), which compares with an estimated rental value of £323 per sq m (£30 per sq ft). Acting on behalf of Haslemere Estates, joint agents Culverwell and Company and Healey & Baker have let unit L2A Princes Mall, Edinburgh to specialist jewellery retailer ReSpective.

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The company specialises in sterling silver jewellery and accessories for women, and has chosen Princes Mall for its first Scottish outlet. This is the latest in a long list of new lettings which have recently happened in the centre, and it is positive to see that we are able to build on the recent successes. Masterplanned by BDP, with a new Harvey Nichols store and ten retail units designed by BDP, and a residential development at No 1 Deansgate by Ian Simpson Architects, the scheme will complete the transformation of the former Shambles West development in the city centre.

The scheme has been developed in close co-operation with the City and with Harvey Nichols, together with Crosby Homes and the adjoining Marks & Spencer development which shares the service access. Clad in natural stone, double height shopfronts animate the street frontages and projecting screens of terracotta cladding articulate the upper storeys. An expressive zinc clad projecting cornice completes the roofscape. On the off chance that you have any inquiries address the specialist/authorized conveyancer like Enact Conveyancing Company Brisbane who have given the quote.  The new Harvey Nichols Department Store shell will be complete at the end of 2002 and is due to open in 2003.

The National Care Standards Commission is taking a 10 year lease on a large two storey office building within the recently completed first phase of Lincoln’s new £5 million office park, The Point. The complex which, whilst designed and built speculatively by Nottingham based Bournston as a potential HQ building, proved to suit The National Care Standards Commission requirements very closely. This is a great feather in Bournston’s cap and vindicates the decision to proceed with the development of The Point, said Hugh Dibley, who is in charge of the project.

The completion of the first phase of The Point marks a significant milestone in the development of the city’s first large scale out-of-town office development. The first occupant, recruitment specialist Russell Moore and his team from Executive Network have now moved in to the high quality office development. The opportunity to buy a small, self-contained, state-of-the art office building with air conditioning and all modern amenities is unique in Lincoln and proved very appealing, said Mr Dibley.

The Point is a three-acre development on Whisby Road close to the Lincoln bypass and will be the largest office park Lincoln has ever seen. A speculative development of this size was a brave move for Bournston but their confidence in the commercial property market has been born out by the success of this scheme, said Daniel Race, of chartered surveyors, Hodgson Elkington. To have over half the initial phase sold, let or under offer before completion of the development also reflects the quality of the development and its location, added Mr Race.

We had been aware of the need to provide office accommodation in Lincoln for some time and had been looking at several potential sites. This is the first purpose-built out of town office park for Lincoln and it addresses the hitherto lack of good quality office accommodation available to businesses wanting to establish a base in the region and for others wishing to relocate he added.

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